Well hey! So happy to have you back at the blog again! 

Last week I got to spend a few days in Kansas City, Missouri, and I've got to say... it did not disappoint. Let me start by explaining why I was randomly in KC in the first place! 

My fiancé, Jason, recently started a new job that has him touring around the US with christian artists. That means he's basically in a new city every day for a month at a time, so he will be back from this tour in a couple of weeks, be in town for a week and leave again for another month. 

If you're wondering how I'm doing with him gone so much... let's just say I'm keeping myself busy by working. In fact that's a whole other blog post just waiting to be written!

With all of that being said, Jason had a few days off in KC and asked if I wanted to take an impulse drive to visit him, and of course I said yes! Since we spend a lot of our trips working from the computer, I ended up asking for recommendations of places to eat + coffee to drink in KC, and this is what I came up with. 

a mini kansas city travel guide CURATED by the locals.


location. location. location.

My number one priority when traveling is finding a good place to stay during the trip. I need a good home base to come back to in order to recharge and relax, and being the homebody that I am, where I'm sleeping is the most important thing when I'm away from my own bed.

Jason and I were lucky enough to find this Westport Airbnb so last minute, and it did not disappoint! I've always wanted a home with exposed brick and high windows, and this was the next best thing!

Most of the time we find that booking an Airbnb is easier than a hotel. There's really no check in to deal with, and it just feels like home! We like having a kitchen incase we don't feel like eating out, and a fridge for any leftovers that we may have (which is not often at all). Plus if you are traveling with others, splitting the cost really makes it the more affordable option! 

More information on where we stayed HERE




- MONARCH COFFEE (my personal favorite + the most aesthetically pleasing)

- THOU MAYEST (Jason's favorite - you can get a $2 drip coffee a real deal! 18+ though)

- MESSENGER - CROWS - other shops suggested!



- Q39 BBQ (the best thing that will ever happen to you. trust me. Just eat there)

- HEIRLOOM BAKERY (for the best pop tart ever)



The most import thing to remember about traveling is to spend the trip the way you want to! It doesn't matter what you did or how much you saw, if you're happy at the end of it all then it was a great trip. 


enjoyed the post?

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